Business Economic IntelligenceTM


Applied Economics is an all-pervasive discipline driving and affecting decisions at all levels. As agents of change - we provide world-class independent analysis and advice on the crucial economic elements that impact your organization's decisions for sustained success.

We specialize in providing Business Economic Intelligence™ to decision makers in businesses, government agencies and international organizations with the main focus to:

  • Assess and manage political, economic and financial risk.
  • Create robust models with pragmatic solutions - that produce targeted impacts that protect and grow your business and organization's bottom line.

Business Economic Intelligence™ looks at the world from 30,000 feet to see the Big Picture and roads ahead more clearly. Then, with keen insights and sharply honed antennae, it integrates global trends with macroeconomics, disparate information/analysis on sectors/industries, essential cultural nuances, knowledge of local political and economic systems, and a worldwide network of contacts in key growth sectors - to:

  • Gain international respect and trust of decision makers;
  • Provide timely effective diagnoses, models, advice, and solutions;
  • Develop negotiating prowess in trade;
  • Resulting in sustainable and profitable business.

Reality Check:

The dynamic global economy and institutions are rapidly changing - creating significant challenges and opportunities for all decision makers. Tumultuous changes and reforms in economies, policies, and institutions will continue to leave waves of implications - some are predicable. There are increasing policy, financial and operations inter-linkages between the public and private sectors. Experienced decision makers with domestic/international markets and operations strive for success by knowing their competitive edge. Solid profitable results will happen when they recognize the need to:

  • Rapidly strengthen their intelligence capacity
  • Provide robust models with updated analysis;
  • Assess their initiatives and identify pitfalls that could lead to expensive losses.

Geoffrey Ferster Associates, with 25 years of highly successful world-wide experience, provides independent economic advice - the perfect antidote to missed opportunities and the successful international envoy for your business.

Clients for which we have completed numerous projects/assignments include: The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, University of Michigan, Harvard University of International Development. With extensive travel and fieldwork, projects have been completed on four continents in Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Malawi, Nepal, New Zealand, Palestinian Authority, Pakistan, Sierra Leone. Serves as Chief Economic Advisor to several USA businesses.

Given the exciting opportunities and challenges nationally/internationally we concentrate in the key sectors of: Technology, Health Care, Life Sciences, Agriculture and Energy.

If you find yourself asking: "have I thought of everything?" - Contact Geoffrey Ferster Associates.